Dance is more of a skill than a talent. While some are born with the gift of dancing, there are others who are actually searching on instructors that can show them how to tutor online to learn the moves and grooves. Thanks to technology though, online classes become available and enrolling in an online dance class is not an exception.

Can You Actually Learn How to Dance Online?

The fundamentals of dance could be learned over the web, that is true. However, this will be possibly only if you are disciplined to learn. If you are serious in honing and mastering your skills, then it is highly recommended to take classes with an experienced and professional dance instructor. This is important so by that, they can give critiques and advice which cannot be done by simply watching online video tutorials.

It may be your lifelong dream to know how to dance or perhaps, you have just made a decision to learn how to. The thing is, you do not have enough time to signup for a dance class or maybe, it is full already, too expensive or for whatever reason.

These reasons should not be grounds to discourage you from reaching your goals. Remember, with discipline and commitment, you will be able to learn how to dance online.

Learning Dancing through Online Materials

If you are going to take time to look around, then you’re going to learn that there are actually tons of tutorials and videos online offered for free. These free tutorials are going to show you the basics of dancing. The primary platform for these said videos can be accessed through YouTube. This is where you are going to find dance lessons for virtually every genre be it ballet, tap, hip-hop and so much more.

The problem that you might encounter is, finding out the best video that can teach you what you need to know.

Choosing the Right Video

When choosing a video though, there are several things that you need to consider to ensure that it is the right one like for example, the length of the videos, the choreographer who is teaching the dance lessons, the method and style of teaching and of course, the quality, which you can find by checking the engagement of the channel with its community.

Whether waltz, tango, cha-cha-cha, or exuberant fidgeting in the disco – dancing is one of the most beautiful ways of moving. And it’s in your blood. Even small babies enjoy moving to the rhythms of the music. You should dance regularly even into old age. Because that is not only fun but keeps the body and mind fit.

Dancing – having fun in good company

You have been dancing since human existence. Whether in the context of religious or cultural ceremonies, as an expression of solidarity and joy or simply for no reason – dancing combines a lot of things that are healthy and fun. You are mostly in the company of other people, enjoy good music and also move. Many people spend most of their working day and leisure time sitting down. Physical activity is usually neglected in everyday life. Obesity and diseases like diabetes can be attributed to a lack of exercise, among other things. Dancing is quite right because it can motivate you to move more in everyday life. Since you are motivated, doing your project using Bob Smith Tools will be a lot easier.

Lively training for body and mind

Dancing promotes your body in various ways. In addition to dexterity, the sweeping movements require strength and endurance. Those who regularly stand on the dance floor know that they also burn a lot of calories and get the circulation going. Of course, a good sense of balance and a sense of rhythm are also required.

Dancing together is usually even more challenging! It trains concentration, coordination, and motor skills in order to get in tune with one another. Dancing also stimulates your brain in a variety of ways.

The soul blossoms when you dance

Dancing causes a wide variety of reactions in the body. Scientists have found that dancing to music has a relaxing effect and can help you relieve stress. If you move to the musical rhythms, the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol drops. So if you swing your hips regularly, you go through life more relaxed.

The health effects of dancing are also promising in the case of mental disorders. Dance therapy can help those affected develop a more positive self-image. It improves self-esteem and can bring a new zest for life into everyday life.

Research has shown that there is an increase performance with eaa supplements. Many professional and recreational athletes have already recognized the various benefits of amino acids to help in their performance, nutrition, and more. Amino acids make up proteins, and proteins are the key components of muscles. When doing sports or exercising, the bodies require more amino acids for it to function better and well. Since amino acids could be absorbed by the body in about 30 minutes, we could take in amino acids immediately when the body requires them, thus making them the perfect nutrients for training, exercise and sports.

Increase Performance With Eaa supplements

Increased performance with eaa supplements is a major benefit together with enhanced endurance, quicker recuperation from fatigue, and lessened soreness of the muscle. As these nutrients provide such benefits to people who are very active, do dancers require additional protein as well? Do they necessitate protein shakes, drinks or amino acid supplements or perhaps to consume more protein-rich food?

Do Dancers Need Proteins?

As dancers make primary use of their bodies, they require more proteins as compared to other non-athletic individual, especially for adolescents who are still growing. But it is imperative However, it is important to get rid of the mistaken idea that a large portion of our food must be protein and that carbohydrates should be avoided.

While protein is vital, taking in an excessive amount of protein could be detrimental to the human body. Each of us are bit different from each other, and athletes are recommended to have 12% to 15% of total calories to be from protein. Everyone’s caloric requirement differs, however if a dancer requires about 2000 calories on a daily basis, then they require approximately an average of 60 grams to 75 grams of protein to be included in their diet.

The Problem With Too Much Proteins

The problem with too much protein is that when it utilized for energy or fuel, especially when there isn’t sufficient fat or carbs in the diet, it is hard on the human body and could do more damage than good. It is because the human body doesn’t like making use of proteins as energy of fuel source. The body rather spare these valuable proteins for the building muscles, producing enzymes, hormones, regulating fluid balance, and more.

Excess protein would mean too much nitrogen, a component of protein that should be eliminated. This could be hard on our kidneys. In the process, the water is removed which could result to dehydration. Additionally, diets high in proteins could cause calcium loss in the bones which could be an issue for dancers as this means a greater danger for stress fractures as the bones weaker.

Crossbows are largely popular because of their accuracy attribute that oftentimes, they are used by dangerous act performers in global talent competitions. The acts are amazing if the performers pull it off. Yet there have been some cringeworthy crossbow acts that actually failed while televised live globally. The failed acts could have been fatal, and showed that because of their accuracy mechanisms, it is difficult for the audience to watch crossbow acts that suffer from mechanical malfunctions.

Crossbow Act that Failed Twice in Separate Talent Contests

The most recent crossbow act that went wrong was performed last January 2020 in America’s Got Talent (AGT) by a professional magician named Ben Blanque. Actually, it was a repeat of the crossbow roulette act that previously failed, when Blanque competed at Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) in 2016. Although Blanque refrained from publicly performing the failed BGT act in between 2016 and 2019, he decided he needed to try to do it again as a form of redemption.

Apparently, Ben Blanque chose to do it at AGT because Alesha Dixon was sitting there as one of the regular judges, Ms. Dixon was the same BGT judge whom Blanque had requested inn2016 to act as his crossbow trigger assistant. Since it seemed that part of his redeeming act was to prove that his BGT failure was not caused by Ms. Dixon, Ben once again requested her to be his trigger assistant for the 2020 AGT act.

The video above shows how Ben Blanque failed for the second time; but this time AGT judges Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell had to stop the act as the unnerving technical failures could result in actual bodily harm to Ben Blanque.

Successful Crossbow Act that Made it Through the AGT Semi-Finals

There was one successful crossbow act at AGT, but it was performed by a husband-and-wife team called Deadly Games. As the finale for their dangerous knife-throwing act, Alfredo, the male performer used a crossbow , while his wife Anna, a former ballerina, was a living target. Yet unlike the Ben Blanque and Alesha Dixon tandem, Alfredo and Anna showed confidence — apparently drawn from their years of practicing and performing such acts together.

Alfredo and Anna’s confidence was felt by the judges and by the audience as well; watching them perform was not an ordeal viewers had to endure. Actually, their Deadly Games crossbow acts sent them to the semifinals, garnering votes that landed them the 7th spot in the near finish.

Although eliminated, the substantial votes they garnered indicated many enjoyed their performances and that they have great potential to land lucrative contracts at high-end entertainment venues.


When comparing the crossbow acts performed by Ben Blanque and that of the Deadly Games couple, confidence in using a crossbow can influence shooting accuracy. Crossbow manufacturers strive to improve the accuracy level of their products, as in the case of TenPoint Titan SS, a model which manufacturer TenPoint touted as an accuracy-enhanced upgrade of their best selling model.

The upgrade clearly highlighted the fact that users need only to have the right grip and confidence to be able to use a crossbow efficiently and effectively,

Indian dance groups from the slums of Mumbai are dancing their way to fame and fortune, winning prestigious global dance competitions in 2019. After all, the world-famous dance contests and their promise of million-dollar grand prize, give Indian dancers opportunities to improve their life at the slums.

Last year, the hip-hop dance crew from Mumbai called “The Kings,” won the World of Dance 2019, a U.S. reality dance contest produced by NBC. The crew of young dancers finally fulfilled their dream, which they failed to achieve when they emerged only as second runner-up in the World Hip Hop Championship in 2015.

After bagging the $1 million grand prize of the 2019 World of Dance, “The King’s” choreographer Suresh Mukund announced that the 15 members of the hip-hop crew will no longer join dance competitions.

Only last February 2020, “V Unbeatable,” another famous dance group from Mumbai’s city slums, emerged as grand winners of America’s Got Talent Global (AGT) Champions Season 15 Edition. The Season 15 win was the acrobatic dance troupe’s second attempt to bag the promised $1 million prize at stake, after emerging only as fourth runner-up in AGT’s Season 14 Edition.

The “V Unbeatable” dance routine included amazing death-defying, ultra-high flying acrobatic acts, besting all other Season 15 AGT Champions performances. However, unlike “The Kings” whose members found fulfillment as they actually took home the promised $1 million prize money, members of the “V Unbeatable” dance troupe aren’t as satisfied. The AGT, despite its global popularity, does not actually award the $1 million prize immediately and in full.

The Truth About AGT’s Prize Scheme

It turns out that the $1 million dollar promise is only the future value of a present day financial investment. An AGT Champion grand winner is given two options on how they can claim their reward, which is similar to how lottery prizes are awarded. If the AGT winner wants to claim a full $1 million value, they will receive it by way of $25,000 annuities up to a period of 40 years.

The other option is to claim the present day value of the $1 million reward, as an alternative to receiving piece-meal annual amounts. According to online entertainment magazine Movie Pilot, the present day value is pegged at $450,426. Still, regardless of the option taken, an AGT grand prize winner also receives a contract to perform at one of Las Vegas’ entertainment venues.

This denotes that if “V Unbeatable” opted for the $25,000 annuity, each of the 29 dancers who performed the death defying acrobatic acts in Season 15, will receive only about $800 per year, which if converted into rupee, amounts to about 58,700 Indian rupees. On a monthly basis, each dancer can expect to receive around 4,900 Indian rupees.

Although they stand to earn more by way of the Las Vegas contract they won, “V Unbeatable” won at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic halted all non-essential businesses. According to local Mumbai news reports, many of the “V Unbeatable” dancers are becoming restless, and still hoping to earn more so they can afford to live their lives out of Mumbai’s slums.