PULSE is excited to offer performance opportunities for our groups and individuals!


The PULSE Performance Showcase

Explore the stage with no boundaries!

We invite all registered groups of 5 or more to perform a piece in front of our PULSE faculty on Saturday night!* You must have a minimum of 5 dancers in your piece The PULSE Performance Showcase will run approximately 2 hours and is open to the public. There is no fee to come support your fellow dancers!

PULSE Showcase Performance – Saturday 8:00pm

Minimum of 5 dancers, maximum of 50 dancers per piece

For rules and regulations, please see below. For questions, please email kristen@thepulseontour.com Thanks for your support. We look forward to seeing you in lights!

*If space allows one month prior to the event, we will accept a second piece from a group that is already performing. No one dancer should be in two routines.

*Please note that Faculty are given the option to provide/not provide feedback on any piece performed in The PULSE Performance Showcase. Feedback that is given will be offered Sunday at Customer Service after Creative Connect.


PULSE Showcase Preliminary:

We invite you to perform your solos, duos, trios, and quartets on Friday night!

This is an opportunity for registered dancers to perform their solo or small group number in front of a master panel of elite evaluators. Each routine will receive written and audio/visual critiques of their performance on Sunday morning. Select pieces will be chosen as “Premier Performances”. Top Performers may receive:

  • A PULSE Convention Scholarship to another regional PULSE event
  • An opportunity to re-perform their selected piece in The PULSE Performance Showcase on Saturday or the Scholarship Ceremony on Sunday
  • Eligibility for PULSE Choreographer’s Picks


PULSE Showcase Preliminary – Friday evening

Solo - $125
Duo/Trio/Quartet - $85 per dancer

For rules and regulations, please see below. For questions, please email kayla@thepulseontour.com
Thanks for your support. We look forward to seeing you in lights!



From Start to Stage: The Performance Number

Register to learn and perform a piece at our PULSE Performance Showcase on Saturday night!

This piece (Track 1) is choreographed by special guest faculty, Tricia Miranda, set by our Elite Protégés and is a great opportunity for individual dancers to perform on The PULSE stage. Once the first track sells out, we will open a second track (Track 2), choreographed by special guest, Willdabeast, set by our Elite Protégés.

From Start to Stage Performers must arrive on Friday evening by 6:00pm.

Friday at 7:00pm
Saturday at 8:00am

PULSE Showcase Performance – Saturday 8:00pm

$65 per dancer

To register for this opportunity please email kayla@thepulseontour.com

*In cities where the From Start to Stage: The Performance Number sells out we will open an additional Performance Number.

Track 1 – Tricia Miranda
Costume: All black drop crotch pants (not shorts), a white tee with a black logo or black writing.  Black combat boots.  Black fingerless gloves. Black beanie.

Tricia's choreography credits include: Beyonce, Will I Am, Sharaya (Missy Elliot Protégé), LL Cool J, Eve, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Jamie Foxx, So You Think You Can Dance Season 6, Nick Cannon, a national Sprint commerical, Sears, and Nair.
Her recent credits include: "America's Got Talent", assistant choreographer to Brian Friedman and Nappytabs on "The X Factor USA" and the feature film "What To Expect When You're Expectomg", starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Her dance credits include: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Jamie Foxx, Prince, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, Lebron James, and Tom Cruise.

When Tricia is not touring or working in television, you can find her teaching at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood, CA.

Track 2 – Willdabeast
Costume: Hip-hop inspired black and turquoise attire

Willdabeast has been dancing professionally and choreographing for 3 years.  He started really training and dancing in 2005 in his home state of Indiana.  Training through conventions he earned scholarships at PULSE, Monsters, Debbie Allen, and shock! At the end of 2009 he moved to LA to pursue his career in dance.  Since then he has danced for Usher, T pain world tour, Black eyed Pease, Jason Derulo, Nike, Nissan, Shake It Up, Chicago, Glee, and competed on ABDC season 6! He has found a love for choreography and his unique style of movement.  He has choreographed for T pain, DJ Tiesto feat. Busta Rhymes, and Colton B.  His YouTube page beast9688 is a window into his very different work and mind.  He hopes to take his choreography to the next level while still remaining a true, hard working WORKING professional dancer.


PULSE Fashion Show

Choreographed and Directed by Brian Friedman

Dancers will be chosen on site after classes end on Saturday, for the chance to learn and dance in The PULSE Fashion Show. This showcase number is sponsored by The PULSE, Urban Empire, Brian Says Be Free and Nappytabs. This is a great performance opportunity for those selected to represent the sponsored brands on The PULSE Stage! Make sure to wear your scholarship number in class to be eligible for this selection.

Begins at 4:30pm on Saturday after classes

PULSE Showcase Performance – Saturday 8:00pm

Free for registered dancers!



Rules and Regulations:

  • All dancers entering a piece must be registered for the entire PULSE workshop
  • Three-minute maximum length (unless approved by PULSE Staff)
  • You may choose to wear costumes or casual dance attire
  • Space is limited
  • Performance submissions must be entered and paid two weeks before workshop start date
  • All music and movement must be appropriate for a family audience
  • Music must be emailed in a WAV or MP3 format to Kayla@thepulseontour.com prior to the event. Music must also be turned in on- site at check in, on a labeled CD
  • 50 dancers maximum on stage at one time
  • Crossing from stage right to stage left (or vice versa) during any number may be done on stage. Depending on the venue, there may not be access to cross backstage
  • The stage is approximately 40’x30’ (length by depth) and is covered with a professional StageStep marley floor
  • Entrances and exits subject to change, depending on the venue
  • General props are okay, and should be able to be moved on and off stage by performers only. Please make sure any props, confetti, feathers, etc. are removed at the end of the routine
  • VIDEOTAPING is NOT allowed at The PULSE and/or PULSE Performances
  •  $25 per dancer (minimum of 5 dancers in a Showcase piece)
  • Solo: $125 or 2-4 dancers: $85/dancer
  • From Start to Stage: The Performance Number: $65 per dancer (open to all individuals & groups)