• Congratulations to our AMAZING Creative Director, Brian Friedman, on winning, ‘Music Video Choreography of the Year,’ for Britney Spears: ‘Til The World Ends,’ at the 2012 The Industry Voice Awards!

• The World of Dance 2012 Industry Awards recognized PULSE Official Sponsor, Nappytabs, for years of achievement and dedication to the hip hop dance community by presenting them with the ‘Decade of Dance Award!’

• Congrats to ALL of our PULSE Kids Voted 'Top 10 Prodigies of 2012,' at The Industry Voice Awards - Kaelynn Gobert-Harris, Camren Bicondova, Angel Gibbs, Simrim Player, Kianna Jasper, Chang Chang, Dana Vaughns, Charlize Glass, Ysabelle aka Lil BIGZ Capitule. Nine out of ten are part of the PULSE family!

• PULSE Faculty Laurieann Gibson is in South Korea! She is working with a huge band over there, 'Big Bang'!

• PULSE Faculty Member, Laurieann Gibson, featured in ROLLING STONE! "The Creative Director behind Nicki Minaj's Grammy Performance!" PULSE Faculty Members, Laurieann and Gil, collaborated to create one of the most talked about performances at the 2012 Grammy’s! Did you spot PULSE assistant Tucker Barkley dancing front and center?

• Nicki Minaj is keeping GIL as busy as ever! With a new PEPSI commercial coming up, he wanted us to tell you, that you will see one of his PULSE combo's IN the commercial!

• Recently, Carolyn Gibbs, the mother of PULSE Dancer Angel Gibbs, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The dance community responded with a series of master classes to raise funds and support her fight against cancer. PULSE Creative Director, Brian Friedman and PULSE Faculty Member, Dave Scott, both took time to hold classes for the cause.

• PULSE Elite Protege, KK and past Elite Protege, Jade were spotted on set of 'JUST DANCE DISNEY!'

• Check out Elite PULSE Protege, Kaelynn Gobert-Harris and PULSE Proteges Jaira Miller, Carly Masten, and Dani Masten in Mindless Behavior's 'Valentine Girl' music video!

• Our PULSE Dancers, Angel, Camren, Charlize, Jaira, Kaelynn, Ti & Tam, and Summer, aka FLAVAHZ CREW, were interviewed during their audition for ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’!

• Congrats to our Protege Charlize Glass, who was invited to dance as a SPECIAL GUEST on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show! She was still wearing her PULSE BAND on Ellen! PULSE dancer Chang Chang also landed a guest spot!

• PULSE Dancer, Chaz Buzan, danced front and center with Madonna in her halftime performance at the 2012 Super Bowl!

• PULSE Proteges, Camren Bicondova, Dylan Shepherd, and PULSE Dancer, Kaela Elmido, landed major roles in ‘Battlefield America’! The feature film will hit theaters in this coming 2012 year!

• PULSE Faculty Member, Desmond Richardson, shared with MOVE TV, "Be Honest, Be Real and Be in the Moment."
Always such an inspiration.

• PULSE Dancer, Ryan Rameriz recently booked Grammy-nominated Latin pop singer, Cristian Castro's, world tour! The tour is being choreographed by our very own Camp PULSE Faculty member, NANCY O'MEARA!

• Camp PULSE Faculty Member, Rosero McCoy, is the creative eye as lead choreographer on the feature film, Honey 2! Check out his exclusive interview with DanceOn about working on the film.

• PULSE Dancer, Madison Benson, just wrapped, 'Pitch Perfect,' The feature film, set to hit the big screen in 2012, is a comedy set in the world of college a capella singing competitions.

PULSE on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Thanks to DAVE SCOTT who hired PULSE gals - Jade Chynoweth, Dani Masten, Carly Masten, Kaelynn Gobert-Harris, Dayna Frintz, and Logan Hassel - to dance with Mindless Behavior!

• Camp PULSE faculty member and PULSE guest teacher, Miguel Zarate, just wrapped his first season as Assistant Choreographer on FOX’s hit show, “X Factor.”

• PULSE Elite Protégé’s, Logan Hassel and Felicia Gibson, shot one of the final episodes of X-Factor this season, choreographed by our very own PULSE sponsors, Napolean and Tabitha!

• Camp PULSE Faculty member, Kherington Payne, performed in a holiday sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, choreographed by Marguerite Derricks.

• Past Elite Protege Sarah Toups and dancers at the PULSE, Thomas & Ryan combined to do a song "Dance On The Floor," a great song for dancers!

• Check out, Jordyn Jones, our PULSE Protege, and friends on set and ready for their show, A Cinderella Christmas! Working with Dancing With the Stars choreographer Mark Ballas and comedy legend Fred Willard.

• PULSE dancers and collectiveUth members, Logan Hassel, Jade Chynoweth, Dayna Frintz, Carly Masten, and Dani Masten, are already getting work with as their new girl group - Code 5! Did you catch their performance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade at Universal Studios CityWalk?

• One of PULSE Faculty’s leading ladies, LAURIEANN GIBSON, attended the Dance-4-Hope for the Jeneese Center, Fighting against Domestic Violence. What an amazing person, always an inspiration!

• PULSE Dancer, Breanna Mendozza performed in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC with “Shake It Up” star, Zendaya! The show is choreographed by Camp PULSE’s Rosero McCoy!

• Our very own Creative Director, Wade Robson, choreographed the opening number to the 2011 AMA's!

• PULSE Dancers, Carson Seeley & Abbey Jayne Moody performed with Kellie Pickler at ABC’s, ‘CMA Country Christmas’!

• CRIS JUDD, is choreographing and hosting a Master Class at this year’s Liberty Bowl!

• PULSE Faculty, Cris Judd, Brooke Lipton and guest teacher Joey Dowling are jumping onto the big screen in ‘Rock of Ages’! The debut movie, based on the Hit Broadway Musical, will be out this SUMMER 2012 with an A-list celebrity cast including, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and MORE! Check out the Trailer.

• Laurieann Gibson, using PULSE assistant Taylor for Katy Perry and SOOO many projects!

HAPPY FEET 2 - choreographed in Australia by WADE Robson!

• Gil Duldulao is excited about the final few JANET concerts. Not only is he Janet Jackson's choreographer, he has been dancing with her! Some of our staff are joining him in the Miami concert - December 5th!

• Tyce Diorio had a blast in the Ukraine with SYTYCD!

• Past Elite Proteges Kaili Bright and Zack Venegas were spotted during rehearsal for Rihanna for the X Factor!

• PULSE FACULTY- Brooke Lipton looking fabulous as ever on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine's December issue!!!

• In honor of DESMOND RICHARDSON's twenty-five years as a professional dancer, Complexion's 'CELEBRATE...DESMOND RICHARDSON,' commemorates, "An evening of performance and celebration paying homage to iconic dancer and Co-Artistic Director."

• Pulse Elite Adv. Pro Protege Pauline Mata backstage on the set of Glee! We LOVE seeing PULSE Faculty Brooke Lipton hiring PULSE dancers!

• Congratulations to PULSE Dancers, and collectiveUth members, Logan Hassel, Jade Chynoweth, Carly Masten, Dani Masten, and Dayna Frintz... NEW girl group - Code 5!

• PULSE Creative Director, BRIAN FRIEDMAN, is in LA shooting a spread for J'Adore magazine! Beautiful as always..way to go Brian!!

• Did you know....
PULSE LaurieAnn Gibson choregraphed SHAKIRAS performance at the 2011 Latin Grammys

• The Fall Issue of Dance Track Magazine revealed the TOP 100 COMMERCIAL CHOREOGRAPHERS OF 2011!!! 13 members of our PULSE family are named top choreographers of 2011 for their amazing work! Brian Friedman, Wade Robson, LaurieAnne Gibson, Desmond Richardson, Tyce Diorio, Cris Judd, Galen Hooks, Peter Chu, Gil Duldulao, Rosero McCoy, Miguel Zarate, Dave Scott and Paul Becker! We almost have our entire faculty on the list! WOW!

• Our PULSE faculty member and creative director, WADE ROBSON, is always on the go!! The two-time EMMY AWARD WINNER, recently choreographed & co-produced the music & opening sequence for 'Happy Feet 2! PLUS, Wade is currently Artistic Director for DEMI LOVATO!

• Jordyn, our Precious Pulse Protege!! - Was cast in a FurReal commercial with Cartoon Network! She even got to keep "Cookie" after a 10 hour shoot on set with the CN! Way to go Jordyn!!

• Creative Director, Brian Friedman, attended the Art4Life 2011 even benefitting the American Cancer Society!

• Our amazing Pulse Assistant and Guest Faculty Member just booked the first WICKED' National Tour! Congrats, Ben. We will be in the audience cheering for you!!

• CONFIRMED! America's Got Talent will be on site- exclusively seeking talent from THE PULSE! Get your performance ON OUR STAGE so you can be on the show!!

• STEP UP 4 has tons of PULSE Dancers - just wrapped on the set in Miami! But guess who ELSE is in the movie! YEP! Acting in the film - ROBERT HOFFMAN

• Robert Hoffman- did you see him?- On the set of DROP DEAD DIVA.....and ON THE SET OF GREY'S ANATOMY!! Wowww!

• Our PULSE dancers, assistants, and guest faculty were on Dancing With The Stars! Check out the full performance on, choreographed by PULSE guest faculty member Jamal Sims, and performed by Cris Judd's assistants, the Spellman Sisters, along with past Elite Protégé Taylor and assistant Kayla! THIS WEEK! Check out Ryan Rameriz on the show!

• Congrats to Angel Gibbs, Dani Masten, Jordyn Jones, Kaelynn Gobert-Harris, Simrin Player, Jade Chynoweth, Joanna Gomez, Charlize Glass, and Kendall Glover! You guys were SO exciting to watch. Little starzz of the VMA's for sure! If you missed them, check it out! And-- MEET them in person at The Pulse!!

• What a night! Pulse dancers ROCKED the VMA's Britney Tribute. And congrats to Choreography AWARDS! Brian Friedman - Till The World Ends, Britney Spears & Laureiann Gibson - Judas, Lady Gaga!
Not only that but...Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" won Best Female Video and Best Video with a Message & Britney Spears "Till The World Ends" won Best Pop Video. Way to go guys!! It was so much fun to watch! :)

Look! Our PULSE dancer PAULINA!!! She is such an awesome girl! You have to meet her and watch her dance, a---mazing heart!!

• Cris Judd is in NYC working with Melissa from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and having a blast! The Housewives are bringing their daughters to CAMP PULSE this weekend in New Jersey (Oct 1-2)!

• Did you watch "Born to Dance" on BET?! Lauriann's new show is a hit and Protege Theresa Stone is on the show as a top 20 contestant! Great season of the show!

• PULSE Family Member Tucker Barkley performed on "The Voice"!

• Melanie Mah, one of our former Elite Protégés performed at the E3 convention and was also in a Sensa commercial! Congrats!

• PULSE Protégé Kendall Glover is all over the Old Navy “Vacay Sway” commercials – great job Kendall!

• PULSE assistant Taja Riley appeared in Nicole Scherzinger’s latest music video and also made appearances on Ellen and American Idol!

• PULSE Family Member Ben Susak had a great performance with Ke$ha at the Billboard awards!

• Former Elite Protégé Taylor Maas & PULSE dancer Noelle Marsh had the awesome opportunity to perform with Beyonce at the Billboard Awards!

• One of our first former Elite Proteges, Montana Efaw was featured in People Magazine in a photo with Lady Gaga performing at the Grammys! Montana and Sloan are all about "Gaga" - been on tour with her since Laurieann Gibson met them at The PULSE! Montana also joined us this Summer at The PULSE in Vegas!

• PULSE newcomer Charlize Glass shot an episode of Fresh Beat Band, worked on a Sketchers industrial, danced with her crew from The Rage Performing Arts on So You Think You Can Dance, performed on the opening number of the BET Awards, and danced on The Voice with Cee-Lo. Did we mention she is 9?!?! All this past summer! WOW!

• ClearTalent just signed former Elite Protégé Joanna Gomez! (and many more!) They are always looking!

• America's Got Talent loves The PULSE! They were "on tour" with us in the audience of our showcases! They found our dancer: BETH ANN ROBINSON at the Boston PULSE. Watch what our 13 year old Protégé can do! Wow! Brian Friedman is a Producer on the show and we can't wait to tell you what plans we have next ... AGT + The PULSE!

• PULSE dancers Ryan Ramirez and Elite Protégé Karen Chuang were featured in the Glee season finale! Look for the lead in Usher's "Yeah"! Congrats to new faculty member Brooke Lipton for her wonderful choreography! MANY MANY PULSE DANCERS TO SEE ON GLEE!

• Faculty member Desmond Richardson was awarded the 60th Annual Capezio Dance Foundation honor at the legendary Joyce Theater!

• Laurianne Gibson was featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine and shared her experiences teaching hip-hop. She was also nominated for the Teen Choice Awards!

• Season 8 of SYTYCD had many PULSE dancers! Ryan Ramirez, Jess LeProtto, Marko Germar, and Missy Morelli were in the top 20! And of course Melanie Moore, who was the Season 8 WINNER! Everybody did an incredible job! Can't wait till Season 9.

• Kaitlyn Hardy, Intermediate PULSE Protégé, is everywhere! Movies: "Tower Heist" with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, "Men in Black III" with Will Smith. TV: "Louie" and "Whit"ollar."

• Check out Angelica, Alexis, Iconic Boyz and MANY PULSE dancers and scholarship winners in this video with Beyonce! SO much fun! We are kinda standing up and dancing at our desks a little here... Congrats guys!

• PULSE Creative Director, Brian Friedman....with Britney Spears in the new OK! Magazine!

• Laurieann Gibson is featured in SELF magazine where she talks about working with Lady Gaga!

• Can't wait for the MOVIE 'Rock of Ages'! Cris + Brooke loved being IN the film!

• Congrats to PULSE Protégé - Thomas Miceli and the amazing guy crew from Jersey, Iconic Boyz! We love them at Camp PULSE, love them at AC PULSE, and still applauding them at all of their many performances around the country. Geo, you guys rock!

• Check out the new video from Mindless Behavior "My Girl Remix" featuring Ciara & Akon and most importantly, our PULSE PROTÉGÉS! Kassidy, JoJo, Brittany, Dayna, Taylor, Logan, Carly, Dani, Jade, Felicia, Sarah & choreographed by PULSE faculty member DAVE SCOTT!

• PULSE Elite Protégé Kaili Bright and her crew, ReQuest Dance Crew were featured on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew! We are so proud of you Kaili! Congrats on making the show!

• PULSE Faculty on ELLEN! Check our Robert Hoffman's interview and ON show clips!

• Catch Madison Benson and Carson Seeley in" Big Mommas" starring Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson- They met choreographer Jamal Sims at The PULSE!

• Lauriann Gibson was nominated for a VMA for Gaga's video "Judas"! Way to go LAG!

• Camp PULSE participants - way to go for getting hired to be on Nickelodeon! "Shake it Up" is awesome!

• Check out JADE- our 12 year old former Elite Protégé. Jade was with us each weekend on our 2010-2011 tour and caught the eye of PBS "It’s My Life".

More to come!



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