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This is a simple jump so you can concentrate on stretching your legs and feet and landing in a neat first position each time. Remember, a good demi-plié is like a spring and will push you into the air. Posé means “step”; temps levé is a hop on one foot.


Nadja is doing a simple step forward and hop in first arabesque. Then she can swish the back foot forward and posé temps levé with the other leg and arm lifted. Try doing this while traveling in a circle around the room. It’s fun to gallop or skip around the dance studio or across the stage. These steps can travel, or move, forward, sideways, or in a circle. Keep your head and arms in the correct position as you jump high and travel along.


There is lots to remember! This step is called pas de chat, which means “cat step.” To perform a good pas de chat, you must spring quickly into the air and land lightly on the floor. Cats move almost without a sound—try to land as quietly as you can. Skips are light, high, and bouncy. Try to stretch your feet and point your toes as you skip high into the air.


Remember to point the toes on your bottom foot, too!