Brian Friedman

All ballet positions require turnout From the simplest posture standing still to the most difficult steps, you should keep your legs turned out. As your muscles learn to do this, you will be able to hold your turnout even when you jump and move fast. will help you balance, rise onto demi-pointe, jump in the air, and land safely.


Dancers like to have arched feet because they continue the lines and shapes that the legs make. When you dance en pointe (on the tips of your toes), your feet are stretched like this inside your shoe. Turnout of the legs starts at the hips. The hip joints gently turn outward and the legs follow. Don’t try and turn your feet out too far, or you will hurt your knees. Start with a small V shape and, with practice, your legs will turn out more.


Feel your whole foot stretch. Each time you do a tendu, or stretch, of your foot, begin the stretch in your ankle, then instep, and finally your toes as you slide your foot away from you. Use the muscles under your foot to push your toes along the floor. Practice this slowly, feeling the different parts of your foot stretch.