These slow, smooth movements are the preparation for adage, a sequence of beautiful positions and balances that you will do later in the class. Développés require muscle strength and control to lift the leg through retiré and stretch out. Practice will help you gain this. Stand tall like Joe to make room for your développé.


Développé devant passes smoothly through attitude devant before fully unfolding and then closing back to third. Développé a là seconde (to second) also unfolds slowly and smoothly to the side. Try to move your arms and legs together in a continuous movement. Your back foot draws a line up your leg to touch behind your knee. Draw the toes of your front foot up the front of your leg to rest just under the knee of your supporting leg. This is the position you will use when you do pirouettes (turns on the spot).


Unfold your leg behind you to arabesque and stretch your arm forward. Keep your standing leg straight. Lower and close to third position. Ballet dancers should look very light on their feet, as if they can stay in the air or balance for a long time. Rises and relevés on to demi-pointe can help to give this impression. They are done in all five positions. Relevé means “raise” or “lift.”