Your body will have to lean slightly forward as you slide your foot behind. Turn your leg out from your hip and stretch behind your knee. Keep your hips level and heel forward as you stretch your leg to the side, slightly in front of your hip. You can do a tendu devant, de côté, or derrière facing the barre.


Keep your back straight as Hannah shows here, with your hands lightly resting forward on the barre and start from first position. As it becomes easier, you can start your tendus from third position. Remember to keep your legs turned out from the hips. Most barre exercises are done en croix (in the shape of a cross). This means the movement is done to the front, the side, the back, and the side again.


By doing the same move in different directions, you will use different muscles. Tendus stretch right down to the tip of your toes, lightly touching the floor. Your heel leads the way as you stretch the leg forward, finishing in a beautiful, pointed foot. As Beverley shows, you should stand tall as you slide your foot out and in. Swing leg to hip level or higher and hold straight, as Beverley does here.