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There are some simple things you can do to get ready for your ballet class. The right clothes, shoes, and hairstyle will help you to move freely, and some simple exercises will warm your muscles and get your body ready to dance. It’s good to know the basic positions in ballet and learn the names of some of the steps and positions.


Most ballet terms have French names because ballet started in France. At the back of this book you will find a glossary that will help you learn the words used in ballet.  Getting ready See how to make a bun hairstyle on. Boys and girls wear light-colored socks and shoes so their ankles and feet can be seen clearly. Tuck your tights over a belt to make sure that they are neat at the waist. Always check with your teacher before buying shoes and a uniform.


Girls usually wear a leotard, short socks, and ballet shoes until they get older and then they wear tights. Some dancers add a skirt or belt. Boys wear a close-fitting, stretchy T-shirt, shorts, and ballet shoes. Older boys wear a T-shirt or leotard with tights over the top and light-colored socks. If it is cold, wear a crossover cardigan until you have warmed up.