Summer 2014 Pulsenyc Event

Keep legs straight as he bends forward to stretch your hamstrings—first one side, then the other. This will stretch your thigh muscle. Joe uses his arms to make sure he does not stretch too far. Then stretch your hips and gently rotate your spine. She tries not to move her hips as her shoulders turn, try to keep back and legs straight as she leans forward to stretch her hamstrings.


Beverley stretches her hips and gently rotates her spine. She tries not to move her hips as her shoulders turn. Hannah increases her turnout and hip stretch as she sits in the “frog” position with a straight back. Some children enjoy doing ballet so much that they decide to spend most of their time studying it in the hope that one day, when they are older, they might join a ballet company. Being a professional ballet dancer is hard work, but it’s a wonderful job to have.


Each day you are doing the thing you love most—dancing. You have the excitement of being involved in creating ballets for the theater, and the thrill of performing them for an audience. Keep your body in a straight line when he is in the air and pulls his legs and feet tightly together. This jump is especially good for boys to practice because later it will be.