Traveling steps can move in different directions. The pattern that a dance makes when the steps travel around the room, or stage, is called the floor pattern. Moving backward is harder, especially if you are trying to follow a floor pattern. Remember to take your body weight back over your feet. Traveling forward is the easiest direction because most of our everyday movements, such as walking or running, go forward.


“Adage” means moving easily and smoothly. Adage will help you to get good balance and strong stomach and leg muscles as you move slowly and smoothly through each position. These are some of the best known positions in ballet. One leg stretches behind and one, or both, arms stretch forward to balance the position. The arabesques are en l’air (the leg is in the air). You can begin by practicing á terre (leg on the floor in tendu). The front arm is on the side of the standing leg.


The front arm is on the side of the raised leg. Both arms are forward, level with shoulder and eyeline. Start tendu devant, arms lifting to demibras. A correct starting position helps with the rest of the sequence. Step (posé) forward, lift the leg and arms to first arabesque. The foot firmly placed on the ground will help you balance.