There are five basic positions of the arms and legs in ballet. All ballet positions and steps move through these positions. They seem simple at first, but you will find that there are lots of things to think about to make them as perfect as you can. Arms: Lift your arms into a circle in front of you. Legs: Standing straight, with good posture, turn your legs out from your hips until your feet are in a V shape.


Before you start Remember, you will need good posture to make correct positions. There is an arm and leg position for each number. When you start ballet, like Hannah, you will only use first, second, and third positions. As you progress, you will learn fourth and fifth positions. Shoulders and neck relaxed. Stomach gently pulled in. Once you can easily do the basic positions, you will start to learn the more difficult ones. There is a range of different ways the positions can be joined together and danced.


As you move from first to second then third position, keep your legs turned out and your feet pointing outward in the V shape. In all the positions, your weight should be evenly on both feet. Try to keep your ankles strong and all five toes on the floor, so your feet don’t roll forward.