Tour Dates

A pas de deux is a dance for two people. Learning to work with a partner is an important part of ballet training. When Maddie stands en pointe she can only balance for a few seconds. With Jesse’s help she can stay on one leg and hold a beautiful arabesque. Partner work requires a lot of practice, especially if Maddie is wearing a tutu.


This makes it harder for Jesse to hold her, but the dancers must make it look easy.  Jesse is strong enough to lift Maddie into a position called a fish dive. Both dancers have to concentrate on what they are doing to make sure that no one gets hurt. One of the nicest things is to show your dances to your family and friends. Perhaps your ballet school will have a performance in a theater and you will wear a costume and headdress.


Costumes help to tell the story. A princess will wear a tutu with crystals and a tiara but Cinderella will have a simple dress, which looks old and torn. Costumes fit the character that the dancer is acting out. Fix your tiara in place and it will sparkle under the lights.


“You must trust your partner to hold you safely.”