Atlanta 2010

There are quite a few kinds of ballet shoe. For class, shoes are usually canvas or leather because they last longer and can be cleaned. Shiny satin shoes are usually used for performances. You will need to sew elastic on your shoes to keep them in place when you dance. There are important things to remember when buying shoes.


The soles must be soft enough to bend with your foot and should not slip on the floor. They must be carefully fitted to your feet: close enough to show the shape of your foot but not so tight that your toes curl up. Make a center parting and two high bunches before braiding. Pin one braid securely in place before doing the same with the other one. Add a hair net and ribbons.


Make sure they will not come loose as you spin. It’s important to get your body warm and ready to dance. Warming up before you start your exercises will ensure that your muscles and joints are safe and you can make the most of your class. When you exercise, your heart beats faster and pumps more blood around your body. This warms your muscles so that you can stretch. Remember to be gentle when you are warming up and repeat each exercise several times.