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At first, practice gallops keeping the same foot in front. Then try doing two gallops with the right foot in front and two with the left. Keep changing as you travel around the room. Swish your front foot out and bend the other knee, ready to jump up. Bring your back leg behind your front leg as you jump in the air and stretch your feet and knees.


As you come down from the jump, stretch the front leg forward, ready for the next gallop. Bring your feet together neatly in the air. This might take some practice, but it will be well worth all the effort! Keep your toes pointed downward as you leave the floor. Your neck should be long and your Try to keep your head held high. hands relaxed. Keep looking in the direction you are traveling. As you push up from the floor, lift your leg into a retiré derrière.


Keep the movement smooth, and your arms softly in position. As you spring in the air, quickly bring your front foot to meet your back foot. This will only be for a moment before the back foot starts to return to the floor. Back foot lands before front foot quickly closes into third. Remember to start and finish in a demi-plié.