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Now try some bigger jumps. These are done with an easy bounce like a ball— we call this ballon. You must plié between each jump and make good positions in the air is Soubresaut.  Joe keeps his body in a straight line when he is in the air and pulls his legs and feet tightly together.


This jump is especially good for boys to practice because later it will be done with a turn in the air, tour en l’air. Demi-plié with legs turned out, ready to push into the air, arms in bras bas. Bring your feet quickly together as you jump—it will look as if you have just one foot. Land back on the same place that you jumped from, with the same foot in front. In this step, the legs open wide in the air, like a pair if scissors.


You can do sissonnes in a variety of positions and different directions; this one starts with two feet on the ground, but lands on one leg. Demi-plié in a turned-out position, arms bras bas. Shoot your legs away from each other as you jump forward into arabesque. Land on one leg in demi-plié, keeping your back straight. This will strengthen your thigh muscles.