Know The Benefits Of Joining Zumba Group Exercises Regularly!

Many cities in different parts of the world were placed under strict community quarantine in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. As there is still no end in

Virtual Dance Class Available Online

A healthy life comes along with a healthy mind. A healthy life is important amidst this unprecedented and challenging times.  To achieve this we should engage in activities that can

Dance with the new gaming tech!

Maybe I can do you a favor and fill you in on the latest happenings if you have not been listening in to the latest information of the gaming world.

5 Ways Dance Can Ease the Stress of Needing a Towing Service in San Jose

Being stranded on the side of the road in San Jose, waiting for a tow truck, is stressful. This is true, but there’s an interesting solution to reduce stress: dancing!

Dance Challenge That is a Life Threatening

Police Warn of this life-threatening Dance Challenge The new online craze in which people get out of a moving car to dance has already caused accidents in several places. It

Should You take an Online Dance Class or a Live?

It is an awesome experience to enroll in an online dance class. As you train at home, you are given with more freedom, privacy and at the same time, wide

Fishing And Dancing All Your Stress Away

Fishing can be a challenging activity especially if you are a beginner since you need to have adequate and relevant fishing knowledge and skills as well as have plenty patience.