When it comes to ballet training, there are a few rules that all students should follow. Some of these are injury prevention, others are traditionally delivered and have something to do with discipline and courtesy. We have summarized the most important rules for you:

My place, your place?

What is a no-go on the beach is customary and desirable in the ballet hall: Especially when a course has a large number of participants, participants sometimes “mark” their place before the lesson, e. B. with her towel. If other participants come into the hall, you know that this place on the pole is already occupied. And also the dance studio is clean they use high-quality paint and equipment to build the studio, if you want to know how to do that visit https://bestoftrim.com/best-paint-brush-for-trim/ to see the top 6 paintbrushes.

The early bird catches the worm

Ideally, participants should show up 10 to 15 minutes before training so that they can warm up beforehand. These are z. B. easy leg swing and light stretching. Beginners should ask their teacher which warm-up exercises are suitable.

Fresh breath with all

due to respect, Chewing gum is a declared no-go in the ballet hall. In ballet, the whole body dances, even the face (through facial expressions). This is hardly possible with chewing gum, and it is not without risk if you choke on it.

Too late?

Delays should remain exceptional cases. Nevertheless, it can happen to everyone to show up a few minutes late for class, e.g. B. because the bus didn’t come. If the lesson started a few minutes ago, you should never “jump” at the pole and jump straight into it. It is a good idea to warm up for a minute or two. The other participants should not be disturbed.

Always on the move

You should never sit down during a ballet class for no reason. Even small breaks in which the muscles cool down significantly increase the risk of injury. Who wants to take a break, z. B. because he feels uncomfortable, should either stand or sit on the floor and there – z. B. by stretching – keep moving.

Keeping an eye

On the fellow dancers So that all participants can develop themselves during the exercises in the middle, it is important that each individual pays attention to the other: Personal development is good, but not at the expense of others;).

Always dance in the front row?

If an exercise, e.g. If, for example, the Adagio is repeated, the participants should change places so that everyone stands in front and has the chance to look at themselves in the mirror and recognize mistakes. The minimum is to offer the participants in the back rows an exchange, even if the offer is ultimately not accepted.

Attention, risk of collision!

Especially with fast exercises in the middle, especially with the Grand Allegro, i.e. the big jumps, it can happen that you lose the “common thread” at some point. No drama if you do the right thing. The basic rule is: keep moving and running away at the same pace as the exercise, so as not to hinder the others! It is also true that even after the exercise has been successfully completed, one always walks forward so that one does not disturb the group that immediately follows.

Silence is gold!

Conversation during exercise is the ultimate discipline of rudeness. There is enough time to exchange ideas in the break between the pole and the middle or in the changing room.

With all my years of travel, I’ve learned some things over the years. I’ve also learned that as I purchase older, my body doesn’t pass through travel as quickly because it is accustomed.

Dancer on the road


I’ve come up with survival techniques to stay limber and agile, even after being on a plane for 10 hours straight.

So, whether or not you’re not a dancer, or if you don’t even travel on the road all that frequent so you don’t get to require assistance from professional towing services like towing San Jose, but just want to feel good once you arrive, these little travel tips will facilitate your keep moving.

1) Rollers and other self-massage devices

This might sound dirty, but self-massage devices are the simplest thing for a weary traveler. No, not that sort of massager. I’m talking the sort that you simply roll out your cranky and sore muscles.

My favorite is that the TP Therapy GRID roller. It’s short, and hollow on the within. I can fill it up with small clothing items so it takes up little space in my luggage. Plus, if you happen to select up a bottle of your favorite libation while on the road, the GRID roller doubles as a protective carrying case… Not that I’ve ever done that before.

I really like this Gaiam spiky stick roller, but you’re best off packing it in your checked luggage unless you would like to urge flagged at airport security.

2) 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage

Nothing frustrates me over a bag that won’t rise on its own and worse if it’s difficult to maneuver through a crowded airport and train terminals. After a visit to Europe after I had to control two unwieldy, unbalanced suitcases filled with costumes and products available, I resolved to switch my bags with upright spinners as soon as I got into the US. I did, and I’ve never looked back.

A quality spinner is going to be nearly effortless to maneuver, and your body is going to be grateful for not having to pull your stuff along behind you. If you’re on a budget, because luggage isn’t cheap, take a look at your local Ross, Marshall’s, or TJMaxx.


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3) Water water water

This one’s obvious, but flying can make us want human raisins. Muscles, fascia, and tendons need constant hydration to remain in tip-top shape, so don’t be like me and make the error of not drinking enough water while traveling.

Bring a refillable bottle (empty, so you don’t get busted at the TSA checkpoint, or you’ll end up chugging 16+ ounces of water very, very quickly), and don’t be afraid to ask restaurants within the terminals to fill it up for you. Some terminals have filtered water stations (San Francisco International marks them on airport maps as “Hydration Stations.” How very geographic region of them.)

If you wish for extra hydration, pack along some Emergen-C or other electrolyte formulas. Those that are available tablet form travel best, but individual packets of powders work well, too. Confirm your bottle is rugged enough to induce beat-up.

4) Snacks

Snacks on a plane! Haha… ha… never mind. Anyhoo… Like many 21st-century Californians, I’ve got dietary restrictions. I can’t eat wheat because it triggers my chronic inflammation and that I avoid dairy, eggs, and meat.

Even if you’ll be able to eat anything without feeling like someone is stabbing you within the bowel, you would possibly have noticed that plane food is pricey and unsatisfying. If you’re lucky to be flying out of an airport with decent restaurants eat a large-ish meal within the terminal before you board… and be prepared for the remainder of your trip with ample snacks.

5) Shoes

I have lots of feelings about shoes and travel. Dancers don’t have time for that. I also don’t have time or packing space for bringing many different shoes with me when traveling. Personally, I purchase grumpy if I’ve got to bring quite the shoes that I wane the plane and perhaps an additional pair of flip-flops for times I don’t must go far, like from a sleeping room to the breakfast buffet.

My requirements for shoes? Easy to require off and replace on (because of airport security), versatile for the aim of my trip, flat-soled, supportive, and cozy like slippers. A decent pair of shoes should last for over two years, minimum. I’m particular to the Merrell brand for my weird, narrow feet, except for the love of all that’s holy, don’t be one in every of those that wears flip-flops or 4-inch stiletto high heels. You don’t want to possess to run to a reference to shoes like that, and both will likely make your joints very grumpy.

6) Stretch

You know that weirdo within the back of the plane, near the galley and therefore the lavatories, contorting themselves into some weird yoga poses as you are attempting to induce by? Don’t be afraid to be that person. Additionally, those seats fit about 1% of the population. The remainder of folks is too short or too tall.

So, get on my feet and move to the rear of the plane to urge your blood flowing. While you’re back there, you’ll be able to ask the flight attendants for more water… or for the wonder that’s juice, which we all know you simply drink when you’re on a plane.


Claiming copyright to an original dance move is an old issue but has recently been revived by Tik Tok contributors who were not recognized as originators. Actually, there’s a long list of men and women, usually people of color, whose dance steps in their choreography work were used without permission. This issue dates way back in the 1600s up to the early 20th century, the period when jazz steps became a popular style of dance movement.

Tik Tok Dance Originators Band Together to Protest Stolen Dance Steps

Tik Tok, the social media platforms where users upload video clips as medium for sharing new music discoveries, has become the new arena in the fight for recognition as originator of certain dance steps, Used as choreography in presenting an original music composition or a new music discovery, many black creators were disparaged by other popular Tik Tok users who did not give them credit as creators of the original dance step/s.

To signify their displeasure, several Black Tik Tok users banded together to launch a boycott movement. Since June 2021, the group refused to publish contents of their new dance steps to draw attention to their complaint.

Can Dance Creators Apply for a Copyright Patent on Original Dance Steps?

While Tik Tok is aware of the complaint put forward by dance creators whose dance steps have been pilfered by other users for their own advantage, Tik Tok can only bring down content that clearly violates copyright laws.

Nonetheless, Tik Tok’s advice as recourse, in addition to filing a Copyright Infringement Complaint is to directly confront the user for not giving them credit.

Dance Copyright Laws in the U.S.

Historically, the first U.S. Copyright Laws were established to protect only writers of literary works. It was only in 1976 that amendments were passed to update the copyright laws by including choreographic works.

The amendment established guidelines that must be considered before a copyright protection is granted for a dance choreography, naming 3 factors as important considerations: originality, idea in terms of expression as opposed to functionality and fixation. Fixation here, denotes that dance work can be sufficiently reproduced, communicated or perceived in a more or less permanent nature.

Apparently, many dance choreographers are not aware that they can apply for a copyright patent to protect their rights over an original dance step or movement.

An example of a dance choreographer who benefited from the copyright patents is founding artistic director of New York City Ballet, George Balanchine. Prior to his death in 1978, he was able to draw a will bequeathing the copyright licenses of the many ballet steps he created, to his next of kin. The patents entitled Balanchine’s heirs to the licensing income generated by the patents.

For a lot of drivers, the increasing amounts of traffic as well as road constructions here and there could make even routine drives feel like a heavy chore, which could cause stress. And when your vehicle suddenly breakdown, your stress and anxiety levels will surely rise. But, in the event your car does breakdown, know that there are reliable towing companies on stand-by ready to aid you.

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Dance Your Stress Away

When it comes to stress, it’s not only drivers who feel this. Stress and anxiety levels are rising around the world, and this is made worse by the pandemic, news on wars, racism, climate change and other negative things that are happening in the word today.

Anxiety and stress can adversely affect the mind, body and soul, which is why we have to look for good ways to relieve stress. Dancing is one.

Numerous studies have already confirmed the many benefits of dancing, one of it being an excellent stress reliever. Apart from this, dancing has also been proven to aid in lowering depression and anxiety levels as it betters and boosts mood. Some studies have even found that dancing does a better job at releasing and alleviating stress than meditation.

Besides it being a fun stress reliever, dancing can also help relax muscles and ease joint aches. When our body feels good, our mind will surely follow. Any form of dancing could help strengthen and soothe muscles and joint aches as well as improve flexibility.

As the body is strengthened through dancing, it could also be more relaxed. Dancing could help anyone having low to high stress and anxiety levels achieve balance.

Whether you flex your every dance move on the dance floor or swing to your all-time favorite songs in your vehicle or even when you are inside a heavy truck towing, dance is an exercise that everybody appreciates, in one way or another. Fortunately, dancing is something that will not only make you happy, but can also help enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Have fun with your favorite pastime while also getting all of these amazing advantages with every step you make.

  1. Improve Balance – So as to make each move and sequence properly, you will have to be able to keep a strong center of pressure.  As you master each dace move and start to obtain improved elasticity and strength, your position, balance and spatial information will usually begin to develop, making each step simpler for you to complete.
  2. Improve Energy and Overall Health – Dancing is also a form of physical activity and exercise so, generally, it will aid in restoring your bones and muscles. As your strength increases, you will have more energy to keep on grooving.
  3. Heighten Memory – When you exercise, the levels of substances in your brain that motivate nerve cells to develop are enhanced and because dancing needs you to remember several steps and courses, your brainpower is heightened which helps to enhance your memory. Dancing consolidates plenty of brain functions at once- kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional
  4. Improve Flexibility – Stretching before and after dancing is very essential to getting the most out of your moves and preventing injury. As you keep on dancing you will be spreading more consistently and will discover how each stretch will become simpler to complete. As the stretches become simpler, you will be able to go distant into each stretch, generating long lines as you enduringly increase your muscles and become more resilient.
  5. Alleviates Stress – When you are grooving, your body is fully in that second, centered on the music and your surroundings. Being around your loved ones or that someone special to have fun while dancing to your favorite music can help you concentrate on strictly the moment you are in and aid in lessening the amount of cortisol your brain generates.