Buying the Perfect Pair of Dance Shoes

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Buying the Perfect Pair of Dance Shoes

It doesn’t really matter if you are a newbie or a professional dancer, wearing a nice pair of dance shoes is extremely important if you like to be at the top of your game at every performance. To someone who grooves a lot, the dance floor could be slippery for the dancer’s feet. It could be that the dancer may have not enough grip on it, too much grip on the floor or deal with random sticky spots as well. And this is where having quality and top-notch dance shoes make the difference.

Dance is similar to a sport. It is imperative to have all the pieces of equipment in order to perform well. The right pair of shoes can make a big difference in your overall experience. Even if you’re just dancing for your hobby or a total performer, you’ll be thanking your shoe for so many reasons.

Purchasing dance shoes for any dance form may be tricky for newbie as there are several things that should be taken into consideration.

Style and Design of the Dance Shoe

There are various kinds of shoes for different dance forms. To give you an example, there are shoes for:

  • American rhythm
  • Latin
  • American Smooth
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Tap Dance
  • Standard (ballroom)

Depending on the usage, it is going to dictate what style of shoe you must buy. For instance, Latin shoes normally have higher heels and open toes design.

The open toes are important in its design since the height of heels place the weight forward onto the ball of foot. The sole of shoe on the other hand is flexible enough in pointing the foot while making turns and sharp movements.

Material and Color

This can help you in expressing your style. Normally, flesh, tan or bronze colored leather shoes are the initial option when practicing. Leather or canvas shoes are a perfect start. Patent leather shoes are also ubiquitous in dance competitions as it looks sharp. Normally, male dancers are going for the combination of leather and suede.

After your dance practice, give yourself some time to rest in a massage chair with deep tissue massager to recover the energy you have used when dancing.