Dance Like a Pro Using Your iPhone

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Dance Like a Pro Using Your iPhone

Are you a dancing enthusiast and want to groove your way to the dance floor most of the time? If yes, enhancing your skills in dancing would never be difficult with your iPhone on. With the great list of iPhone dancing apps you can learn new dance steps or boost your overall wellness through dancing. The apps cover variety of features that fascinate individuals with dancing prowess. Moreover, these apps are applicable to all models of iPhone including the Coque iPhone XR.

iPhone Dancing Apps Suggestions

Below are some of the greatest dancing apps on iPhone that can make you love and enhance your dancing skills.


Whether twerking is your thing or not, this dance craze is until now an inevitable phenomenon. This app is applicable for newbies and pro twerkers as it has a step-by-step dance demo to begin with. The great thing about this is that this app can be your diet buddy as twerking burns amount of calories and one of those dance routines to lose weight.


This is an app mirrored from the successful TV show Dance Moms.

It contains videos of different trainings showing the tough grind of being a dancer. From the dressing room and makeup demo session to watching various kind of dance performances, all these are included in the app. Giving highlights to the TV show, this app is really basic and user-friendly.


This app features the dancers of the Next Step and provide ten various dances having ten various styles of dance. The moves can give you versatility from dance styles like Hip Hop, Break Dance, Jazz, Pop, Ballet, and more. The provided tutorials are easy and everyone can follow from it so that you will be a good dancer.


The app has six sessions that are all predefined and offer dancers a versatile training. Information from the iTunes Library are utilized to appoint a particular song for the sequence. This dance app allow you to share the finished session on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


The Dance Secret Pro app can help you to dance like a pro and move like a gymnast with your fave stars. Moreover, this dance app can give you a sneak peak about the latest and trending dance moves. It also allows you to watch the performances and competitions of your favorite artists on the dance floor.