Dance The Blues Away

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Dance The Blues Away

For the love of dance

Whether or not you’re a commercial or theatre dancer, you’re bound to find yourself on tour at a certain point in your career. A tour in the making that travels across the country or worldwide, performing at a various location in every city. Dance tours may last from a couple of weeks to a year or even more, and sit-downs in almost any given city can differ from one-nighters to a few weeks.

To tell the truth, the tour is challenging. You’re away from your home, loved ones and friends for a prolonged period of time. You dwell in different hotel rooms, go on long trips by bus, and, just when you begin to get comfy in a city or theatre, it’s time to proceed to the next!

Nevertheless, the tour is also so fantastic – a chance every single dancer ought to try to encounter throughout their career. You go on a journey to fascinating new towns and cities, convey the enjoyment of your performance to people all over the country and world.

create a new bond of closeness with cast and crew, and generate a lifestyle doing exactly what you love. Although the pro’s of tour certainly outweigh the con’s, hard times are part of the job.

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Challenges a dancer encounters on daily basis