EMERGE: A New Modern Dance Show that Headlines “Enjoy Yourself!”

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EMERGE: A New Modern Dance Show that Headlines “Enjoy Yourself!”

“Enjoy Yourself!” a modern, one-hour contemporary dance presentation choreographed for EMERGE, a new modern dance show presented by the Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance Company. Conceptualized as a
reaction to the adversities that happened during the past few years, of which the most recent was the loss of loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mayhem of the Russia-Ukraine war.

“Enjoy Yourself!” is a dance presentation of how Suzzanne herself was able to get over her grief while also paying homage to everyone who has ever suffered.

About EMERGE the Dance Show

EMERGE the dance show is set to run at the Arts on Site located at 12 St. Mark’s Place, New York City, on September 21 (6:30 PM) and September 22 (8:30 PM).

About Suzzanne Ponomarenko

Suzzanne Ponomarenko is a choreographer who worked with Richard Move, Yvonne Rainer, Buglisi Dance Theatre, The Stanley Love Performance Group and Catapult Entertainment Inc. before she established the Suzzanne Ponomarenko Dance in 2017. Suzzanne envisioned creating a joyous space in which to invent and perform creative and equitable contemporary dance pieces.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance in 2012 from the Marymount Manhattan College. She continued to study extensively at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.

The NY Theater Guide describes her choreography as clever and deeply satisfying to view. Everything, the essential gestures and physical movements were distilled without any extraneous moves.