Is A Subwoofer Important For Your Dance Studio?

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Is A Subwoofer Important For Your Dance Studio?

In a dance school, the least that you can do for a piece of good music on a budget is to install subwoofers (you can check out the best soundbar subwoofer combo).

If you don’t want a subwoofer, you should at least get full-range speakers. In the area of ​​the classic 12 “crates, depending on the genre in the bass range, this is scarce. The hit music that was common during the earlier days would be easy to reproduce. Remember that the right music can make your dance moves a grammy award winner!

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Modern things sometimes bring extreme deep basses that are also audibly missing when they are not there, so if hip hop or modern Latin stuff should be there, I would recommend a subwoofer.

In addition to a small DJ mixer (Pioneer DJM 250 is robust and not bad for its money, what would be even cheaper), cables and wall brackets for the boxes (if you stay on budget) there are actually only these options:

  • 12 “or 15” tops (15 “in the price range with” center hole “, whether this is noticeable in the application is questionable). Enough volume reserves as long as nobody turns the bass in. A matching amplifier does not cost the world.
  • 2.1 System (LD Dave 15 etc.) with a subwoofer and built-in amplifier and limiter – probably more suitable for modern music, but for 90m² it may be scarce.
  • The cables should be 2.5mm². Speakon is the standard in event technology, since it is a permanent installation, it may make sense to buy a roll of cable and assemble the length yourself.

Which solution you choose also depends a little on the setup. A “normal” 15 “Sub like the HK is optically a completely different thing than the EVID. Some don’t like it, I have also seen installations where the subs were installed under the DJ” platform “. Not a bad solution either. In dance rooms (especially classic dance), a 4-point sound system is actually always preferable to a 2-point. At 10mx9m, the room is not that big yet, but even sound is a plus.