Join A Group Dance Session Online To Keep Yourself Happy And Healthy During Quarantine!

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Join A Group Dance Session Online To Keep Yourself Happy And Healthy During Quarantine!

Millions of households all over the world have been forced into isolation in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus that is causing this severe pneumonia-like disease known as COVID-19. People are strongly advised to stay at home to keep the virus away. However, locking yourself up in quarantine is very challenging, especially if you are the type of person who likes to have fun with a large group. Another negative effect of staying at home with nothing else to do is your body getting used to being sedentary. This increases the risk of you developing cardiovascular-related diseases like hypertension.

Dancing is one way to keep our bodies sweating and moving while having fun with enjoyable music. It is also a way for us to express our artsy side and be creative with our moves, not to mention the admiration that you will gain from your fellow dance mates when you show them your awesome dance routines. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can still enjoying dancing with your friends in quarantine, and that is by joining online dance sessions!

Form Your Own Dance Troupe Online And Schedule Your Weekly Dancing Get-Together

What you need to do first to hold a successful online dance session is finding your own troupe. Of course, you can form your own group and convince your friends online to join you have fun and get fit by jiving to the music. After this, determine the right day and time in which all of you can participate in this online dance session. It is best to have this dance session in the morning when the body still has full of energy.

You can thrown in some gimmicks in your weekly dance sessions. For example, you can have an ice breaker at the beginning of your online session with some dancing games. This will get your online dance buddies to be in the zone and feel the rhythm inside of them when you finally get to the highlight of the session, which is a special dance sync-up.

The challenge in an online dance session is how to get yourself moving in sync with the rest of the troupe. You need to find the right timing before you start moving your body.

The best thing to do when using apps such as Skype or Zoom in your dance session is to let one person go first, then the next person shall follow, until everyone in your online dance troupe is dancing. Remember that this should be as organized as how letters are being sorted out at the post office.