Learning to Dance can be done at Home!

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Learning to Dance can be done at Home!

Dancing is a talent. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to dance if you are not blessed with such a talent. You can actually enroll in a dance class of your preferred genre, get on the grooves and show your move. The thing is, some of these dance lessons are pretty expensive, which is why few opted not to pursue on their interests.

But no worries as there’s still hope. You can learn how to dance right at your home! As a matter of fact, there are a number of approaches that could be done to make this happen. With your due diligence just as when you are trying to strike the best deal for wireless camera systems, you’ll find good tutorials that can turn you into an awesome dancer.

But let us stick with basics that can literally help you out.

Master a Piece You have Learned already

Have you ever taken a dance class that was really that good? You don’t have to just recall on that experience. You can make it last long by practicing that particular piece during your spare time. Start it by playing the piece and memorize the song in your head. As soon as you’ve remembered how it feels, turn the song off and go in 8-count.

Try to remember the notes that the choreographer has given that you might have missed and engrave it to your muscle memory.

With more time to practice, you’ve got the luxury of playing with the choreography by adding expressions, performance and freestyles.

Drill Basic Grooves and Exercises

House, locking, popping and whatnot, you’d be better no matter what style you have chosen to. The key to improve is basically simple, “repetition”. Play your piece and keep practicing the basics. Switch it up every 8 counts or so and combine different variations of the basic drills. This is considered as the skeleton of your freestyle dancing. By doing this, it would not just strengthen your foundation but also, practice your mental discipline.

You can even strengthen several parts of your body that are constantly engaged in the steps.