Suggested Dance Outfits for Different Dance Type

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Suggested Dance Outfits for Different Dance Type

After making a big decision for to enroll yourself in a dance class, you should now be ready for what comes next. Basically, this is buying the appropriate dance attire. As a matter of fact, there are a number of dance classes allowing students to enjoy their liberty of wearing anything they want. However, reputable dance studios will set specific dress code as per the dance class that they are teaching.

Best that you check this with the dance instructor to figure out the clothing requirements before you attend your fist class.

Appropriate Outfit for Dance Lessons

Despite the fact that the dance outfit will vary depending on the type of dance, it is vital that the garments are produced from breathable, stretchy and lightweight fabrics. This is providing dancers with freedom of movement as well as comfort. Let’s give a brief overview of what’s the best attire for every dance type.


The recommended attire for ballet includes:

  • Tights
  • Ballet slippers
  • Leotard and;
  • Wrap-around ballet skirts

Any dance wear must be a perfect fit. Both the leotards and tights ought to have a tight fitting yet, comfortable to the body and should not be baggy or loose.


Even though dancers have their freedom on the style and color option to be worn for this class, Jazz is actually a combination of leotard with tights or form fitting top along with jazz pants as well as soft and comfortable leather dance shoes.

More often than not, jazz pants are black, form fitting at top and a bit flared at the bottom.

Hip-Hop and Modern Dance Styles

As for the dance outfits on modern and other dance styles, it doesn’t follow basic elements of dance wear like having breathable and comfortable fabrics. Rather, lyrical or modern dance attire like consists of:

  • Footless tights
  • Stretchy pants and;
  • Leotard or form fitting top

For students of hip-hop, you’ll see them typically wearing baggier and loose clothing. A lot of modern dance students prefer wearing foot thong while hip-hop dancers prefer runners.

If dancing is your passion, then nothing is wrong enrolling in a dance class and improving it. Who knows, your hard work may payoff and become a leader of dance group and be booked to events held by Chiang Mai Hotels or other organizations and businesses.