The Best Dance Films Of All Time

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The Best Dance Films Of All Time

The best dance films have something for everyone, from hip hop to ballet, from street dance to tango – here you can admire great emotions and cool moves. We’ve found a nice mix of old and new movies and box office hits you can watch from Tugaflix.Club.

Strictly Ballroom

Before director Baz Luhrmann caused a stir with “Romeo + Juliet”, “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby”, he delivered this small but very fine jewel to an unusual couple in the weird standard dance competitive environment.

Dirty Dancing

Eine Liebe in den Sommerferien zwischen Tanzlehrer Johnny und Feriengast Baby – wundervoll gespielt und getanzt von Patrick Swayze und Jennifer Grey.

Step Up

Channing Tatum and his future wife Jenna fell in love while making this film. The story: A boy from the street falls in love with a girl from a good home. And you know the rest. A typical poor man falls in love with a rich girl love story.


Jessica Alba, who was previously inexperienced in dance, trained for three months for this film on an up-and-coming talent who, in the face of sudden success, has yet to find the right path for itself.

Singing In The Rain

The video shows one of the most famous dance scenes in film history: Gene Kelly as a Hollywood star, who falls in love with a young actress (Debbie Reynolds) and therefore prances through the rain.


Kevin Bacon’s moves in this film are also iconic. Because he was and is also a really good actor, you can still watch the hit from the eighties without hesitation.

Shall We Dance

Jennifer Lopez teaches Richard Gere to dance. There are a lot of good actors involved (Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci and many more) that the film is a good tip for a good mood in the home theater.