Visit and Explore Bintan Island

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Visit and Explore Bintan Island

Bintan is well-known for ecotourism. It is a great place to enjoy the amazing beaches and wonders of nature. It has a historical significance as a major trading port in Southeast Asia in the 16th century. If you fly on an Indonesian flight, this is a good place to learn about Indonesian tradition with interesting and educational activities. The island has all kinds of things you can discover in your vacation. It has 3,200 islands found in Riau Archipelago and third largest out of 27 islands. This island has a unique tribe called Malay (Malay), Bugis, China, and Oranlau.

It is a great opportunity to get close to these giants. There are seven Sumatran elephants. You can enjoy a two-way adventure through flights to Indonesia. You can ride the elephant going to the forest, feed the elephant, or grab a seat and watch the elephant show to discover several diets and eating behaviors. The tour to this wonderful place will teach you on its features, food sources, lifestyle and collective behaviors. The elephants here are well trained to perform different techniques, like perfecting different turns, swimming, dancing and so on.

Traditional Dance

Bintan Island Nightlife: Although Bintan Island is a quiet and small island, it offers a variety of nightlife options but only to larger hotels and resort taverns and bars. It is well-known nightlife destinations for people traveling to the UK and other international countries are Calypso Bars, Pubs and Lanna. In the evening there are many swing shows Travelers with the same thoughts, locals and prospective friends will enjoy and have fun there. You can participate in activities such as adventure sports and going to events and celebrations held on the island.

Bintan Island Shopping: There is no big shopping mall but you can get very special souvenirs and discounts on this unique island. Eye-catching Indonesian handicrafts are available at a lower price. Take a low-priced flight with Bali tour packages and then start shopping in Bintan Island’s places. Like Bintan Ferry Terminal, Tanjung Uban, Pujasera Shopping & Market.