Why Dancing is Good for Surfing?

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Why Dancing is Good for Surfing?

Woman carrying a surf board


I don’t know about you, but when I think of Spain, I don’t just think of the super sporty surfer boys (with their fancy surf fins or dérives de surf in French) who have incredible waves on the boards – no, I also think of the super beautiful chicas swinging their hips in the bar in the evening with good music.

I’m very fascinated by both and enthusiastic at the same time – how do they manage it so well?

And today, for once, it’s not about surfing, but about dancing. This also requires agility and endurance, which you naturally need when surfing.

To give you a little insight into Zumba Fitness, today we will tell you about the origin and emergence of this new sport. Not to withhold it from you, but Zumba is about a lot of fun, sweating, dancing, and of course good music.


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Colombian Alberto “Beto” Perez is the founder of Zumba Fitness. He developed this great sports program for everyone. It now inspires millions of people. Beto started in his hometown as a fitness trainer, in the mid-90s.

As always, he went to his classes until one day he forgot about his usual aerobics music at home. “Oops,” he thought to himself, but that’s no problem. So he had to improvise and rummaged his salsa and merengue CDs and cassettes out of his pocket and ready for the seats – eyes closed and through.

He simply combined the fitness exercises together with a few salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and samba steps on the music and so the first Zumba class was born.

In 1999, Beto finally brought the trend to America. Gradually, he worked his way to the pop stars in the USA.

So now, eventually, we will make you even more interested in Zumba fitness. You can already rejoice. And until then, always swing your hips loosely!