Should You take an Online Dance Class or a Live?

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Should You take an Online Dance Class or a Live?

It is an awesome experience to enroll in an online dance class. As you train at home, you are given with more freedom, privacy and at the same time, wide picks for top classes and a lot more. As we carry on, you are going to learn about some valuable tips that can help you make the most from your online dance class.

Do Background Research of the Instructors

Platforms such as Instagram Live and Zoom made tons of online dance lessons to become more accessible for everyone. However, it has also lowered the bar for new instructors. You might feel as if that you have hit jackpot after seeing the choreographer or dancer you are following announce a Zoom class. Thing is, if they are lacking of teaching experience, you may still have challenges in picking up their steps and moves.

You have to take time to read through the social media profiles of your instructor as well as tagged posts in order to see firsthand the level of teaching he or she has, the style of dance and how they are teaching classes as well.

As for more experienced and seasoned instructors, they are giving frequent feedback as well as tips they notice, come prepared to the class and skillful in explaining how the moves must feel, not just how it must look.

Identify when to Go with a Recorded Class vs. a Live Class

The moment that you decide to take live class, you’re given the chance to ask for immediate feedback, see other dancer’s moves aside from your own and even talk to other students to get tips.

While with a recorded class, you can do the following that you can’t on a live class:

  • Have complete control on the pace of the class which is ideal for beginners who have a slow pickup
  • Repeat parts or even the entire class if you are perfecting something
  • Take classes at a time that is most comfortable to you, which is perfect for people who have a busy calendar

As a matter of fact, if you have become so good in your lessons, who knows, you may become the instructor yourself and teach new students. You can turn your apartment to a dance studio and compare interstate removalist quote to get rid of the unnecessary stuff and start with your own classes.